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Welcome Walden Colleagues!

Posted by mprovost on January 8, 2010

Just wondering what your plans are to start off the New Year in your classes in regards to technology?

I’m trying to incorporate technology into every lesson I do this year, even if only in a small way. This upcoming term my students have paired up and the girls are making the boys read a “girl” book and vice versa. They have many responses to write along the way but their final project will be the creation of a glogster, an interactive online poster. If you haven’t seen them, check them out here . I’ve teased them with a few of my own during the month of December and now they are eager to give them a try. We’ve already discussed how neat it will be to view the posters and solicit feedback that can then be made into changes unlike a traditional cut & paste poster that once it’s done, it’s done. Students will be able to peer edit and share their creations – their goal is to make a magazine cover that would appeal to their protagonist. I’ll keep you posted on how they turn out and will post a few to show you! In the meantime, here is the glogster holiday card I made this year.


2 Responses to “Welcome Walden Colleagues!”

  1. Dawn said

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE GLOGSTER!!I have never heard of that before. I would love to hear more about the lesson that you are using for this project. Also, regarding Ning, what do you like about it compared to WordPress/Blogger etc.? Are there more page options? Although I’ve wanted to blog for a long time, I never created one until this class’s requirement. I’ve been a little frustrated because I want to add tabs for different pages on Blogger but haven’t seen how to do that yet. I like Blogger because of its vast marketing among many different networks but maybe Ning would offer that as well. Whatever it is I have to have something that will let me express that artsy thing in me….it looks like you can relate to that. 🙂

  2. mprovost said

    Hi Dawn,

    Currently my students are engaged in a “Boy/Girl” book project where they assign a member of the opposite gender a book to read. The girls love torturing the boys with “Twilight” and vice versa. Of course, the learning goal is to uncover if there really IS such a thing as a “Boy” or “Girl” book and also to investigate if the values of the protagonist differ? There are endless directions for the discussions to go. This is my first year to incorporate the Glogster and my students are going to make magazine covers that would appeal to their protagonists – they must lend thought to the headlines, articles and visuals that would work for their magazine. I am unsure if I am going to let them link out to another site, though Glogster does support that feature. I have planned a day for us to review the glogsters in class and have students peer edit and offer feedback. I want them to realize how easy it will be to go back and make changes to their digital poster – much easier than a traditional poster! I plan to tie this edit and revision exercise to the writing process and then take them back to the computer lab so they can make their final glogs. My lab time is scheduled for the end of January so we’ll see how it goes!

    I too have always wanted to be a more dedicated blogger! Last year I made a NING site for my class and it worked out well, but I failed to keep up with it; This happened in part because I turned my entire 7th grade team on the the NING and instead we focused on a team project that had every child blogging about a Sustainability project. This resulted in a student presenting our Team NING to the School Board and sharing how technology widened the scope of our project; to have 120+ kids able to communicate, motivate and see the projects of their classmates was a huge success!

    I really enjoy the artsy side of NING and the ease with which you can add applications, pages – anything really! I am really giving this wordpress blog a shot, but I keep going back to look at my new pretty NING…

    In (not so) short, I think the best is always to play around with things like NING, Glogster, etc. and see how it feels & works.

    I’m so excited to share & learn with my Walden colleagues!

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