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My P.E.T Project

What about it?

Posted by mprovost on January 8, 2010

First and foremost, those that know me know I can’t approach anything unless it has a working acronym. PET project was the best I could for this one, but it should get me by!

I teach 7th grade English/Language Arts in Portsmouth, NH and am a busy married mother of three (a freshman, a 7th grader and a 3 year old). I love teaching 7th graders – I refer to them as “the best kept secret in teaching” – they are a wonderful blend of innocence, humor, hormones and trust. I have met and maintained friendships with a handful of my students as they have grown and now share in their experiences in college (yes, they still ask for writing help!).

Just to prevent myself from getting bored with down time, or heaven forbid – have time to exercise, in September I began working on my Master’s degree from Walden University. My focus is on Adolescent Literacy & Technology – it’s perfect for me! I adore technology – I embrace it, welcome it, promote it and support it. I have always felt comfortable “tooling” around with computers, programs and trying things out. So far, it has worked out well and in all the jobs I have held, even those prior to teaching, I have integrated technology and helped out those who may need a little guidance.


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