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Posted by mprovost on January 11, 2010

Sometimes I just can’t contain my enthusiasm with my students.  OK, rarely can I contain my enthusiasm with my students and when it comes to sharing technology it has become commonplace in my class for them to ask for a “Tech Tip of the Day”.  Last Friday in my advanced English class of fourteen students, a discussion on how to find their weekly science articles led to my explanation of RSS feeds and how to bring the news to them.  Eyes wide with wonder they asked to see my iGoogle page (via our SMART board) and my Google Reader subscriptions.  I shared with them how I enjoy news from around the world, as well as entertainment updates, photojournalism, education updates and even consumer updates on product recalls.  One thing I have noticed when I share a tech tip is that they will not be denied and sending them home with some followup information typically sparks more learning.  They all admit their fingers will be on the keyboard at night, so why not give a new trick a try?  “No no, it’s not an assignment, don’t worrrrry…just give it a try!” I remarked.  Once the pressure of a grade is off (you remember this IS the advanced class?), they take the ball and run.

Here is what I sent them off with last Friday – Tech1_igoogle – we are in the midst of some other official projects so I didn’t assign a due date; I told them we would check in on progress throughout this week.  Today’s discussion led to more clarification on how to load their Google Reader and applications they can put into iGoogle.


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