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Looking for your information/insight into Reading Intervention Programs in your school?

Posted by mprovost on January 14, 2010

Hello Colleagues,

I am currently working on task force within my school to investigate alternatives to our current reading intervention program.  Would you be able to share what you do at your school to screen for reading levels, collect data, RtI, etc.?  Today some members in our group attended a presentation from Mindplay; I remain hopeful we will have some resources to integrate some sort of technology such as this into our model.  Currently our sixth graders enter our middle school with DRA and NECAP scores.  In addition, we are currently administering the GRADE in 6th, 7th & 8th.

Any information you can provide regarding screenings, intervention strategies,  the roles of specialists or frequency of intervention would help me collect data.  My subcommittee was asked to communicate with other districts, and I felt it was valuable and more befitting if I attempted to blog this request so I could gather information from all across the country (and even beyond!).

Please feel free to pass this post along to any educators in your district that may be willing to respond.

Thanks in advance-



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