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Week 5 – Profiling The Students Of Today

Posted by mprovost on February 7, 2010

For this application I chose to utilize a VoiceThread as opposed to a podcast only because it allowed me to integrate technology learning into an assignment for my students.  They were so excited to try out this platform and it led to week-long discussions on other ways we can utilize VoiceThread including an online agenda book where teachers could record the assignments for the day.

In the last slide, “Final Thoughts”, one student took liberty with the doodling pen and marked up the page while he talked. Though harmless enough, it led to a great discussion about “audience” – he was horrified to learn that I shared this thread with our school principal and the Director of Technology for our school district.  I reminded the class (once again!) about always being thoughtful of their digital presence  – – but more about that in Application 6!

Feel free to listen and comment on this VoiceThread. I found it a great tool for collecting information from my students after they completed their data collecting.  My official “report” is located on the “What I Learned” slide at the end of the presentation. Click on the image to link or

VoiceThread - A Day In The Life of 21st Century Middle School Students


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