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Week 6 – Revising my GAME plan (Synthesized goals & A look ahead)

Posted by mprovost on December 5, 2010

During the first part of my GAME plan, I reviewed the NETS-T and began the first step toward increasing my skills as a reflective practitioner who integrates technology.  My first goal, to model digital age work and learning by improving parent communications, has been at the top of my list for the last couple of years.  Ironically, the more I aim to integrate technology into my communication, the more I fall behind in actually keeping up that communication.  In the “old days” when I relied on emails, I somehow managed to get out weekly, or at least biweekly, communications.  In my effort the last couple of years to keep up with innovations, I have wanted to commit myself to a more 21st century platform.  I wish I could say that I am at the point of implementing a new system into my teaching practice, but in fact, I am not.  Incidentally, I do not actually consider this a fail, but a success.  Often I am too quick to jump on board with the latest technology craze, and then I find it does not actually suit my needs; I abandon the technology and move on to searching for more.   I have come to realize, this practice lacks the consistency I want to provide for my students and parents.  Although I have made progress on my GAME plan by investigating new platforms, I will take my time and pursue options via pilots, surveys and collegial discourse.  I will extend my learning of these new communication platforms and invite others in my school and district to test, investigate and flush out the pros and cons.  In the end, even if my parent communication platform is not yet ready to launch, I have accomplished self-directed learning and the valued discussions with my peers.  This process, especially the evaluation of my GAME plan progress, has helped me to reflect on both the product and process of my learning (Laureate Education, 2010a).

My second NETS-T  goal was to model digital-age work by learning how to set up a Moodle site for my classroom.  I am somewhat disappointed to say that I have fallen down on this goal; rather, this goal morphed into another along the way.  Though I made appointments to meet with the Technology Coordinator at the high school, our meeting did not take place.  Additionally, the more I found out via my investigations and inquiry on goal #1, the more I realized that the ultimate communication site would actually serve the needs I was looking to fulfill with Moodle.  That being discovered, I found myself working more on goal #1 and slowly synthesizing in the particulars of goal #2.   Watching these goals merge, has given me great insight into future goal-setting; I must be mindful if my goals are so closely related that one relies on the other’s success.  Monitoring the progress of this goal consists of taking a “look back on what [I] did and think about what happened, why it happened…and how it should influence future behaviors” ( Cennamo, Ross & Etmer, 2009, p 11).

Scholar practitioners must stay focused on self-directed learning and reflective practice (Cennamo, Ross & Ertmer, 2009); if I am to constantly pursue best practices and innovative teaching strategies, I must continually be addressing a GAME plan directing me towards my personal learning goals while also reflecting on my progress on those goals.  Beyond this course, the new learning goals I will set for myself will be, first, to devote the necessary time towards goals in general. That being said,  I feel that my personal strength lies in facilitating and inspiring student learning and creativity by promoting, supporting and modeling “creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness” (ISTE, 2008).  I think that until I accomplish the goal I created in this course, mainly, a strong parent communication platform, that any subsequent goals I make should stay within the limits of my own personal strengths, interests, and resources.   When I do finally create my virtual classroom platform, perhaps it will be even easier to hone my focus on goals such as promoting and modeling digital citizenship and responsibility (2008) and really branching out into new territory.


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2 Responses to “Week 6 – Revising my GAME plan (Synthesized goals & A look ahead)”

  1. Alisha Lieber said


    I noticed that my two goals were also very similar and went together. I think that you should be proud of yourself for the discovers that you have made. I have also met with the technology leader at my school about how I am going to make all these great things that I learned through my discoveries to find a way to meet the goals that I set. I don’t think that your goals failed; but rather you saw that you needed to go another way with them which is the whole reason for the evaluation process of the GAME plan. You were able to reflect and be honest to yourself and search for other goals that work right now. I have been in numerous classes with you and you have left a great impression on me. I have thought of you as a very organized thinker and on the ball about everything. In every class that I have taken with you, you were the first one to post. Your posts were always and still are very thoughtful and detailed. I can honestly say that I learned from you and I bet your students have learned even more. Your students are very lucky to have a teacher that cares about them and is knowledgeable about what she is teaching. Kuddos to you!

    • mprovost said


      Thank you for such kind feedback; I can honestly say that I have been so impressed with the level of discourse and collaborative thinking that goes on within our Walden studies. I am always gushing to my colleagues that my Walden classmates have so many wonderful things to share about their teaching and learning all over the globe. Thank you for being a part of that – I think I’m going to feel a little lost when all our classes end!

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